Finding Local Escorts

Whether you are traveling in an unfamiliar town, or just want some company for the evening, a local escort service can help you out. Finding local services will be your best bet, as these services are typically closer to the girls and faster to show up. There are a couple places you can look to find a local escort.

Yellow Pages

Most cities have a list of services in the yellow pages. These may be under the heading ‘escort’ or ‘adult entertainment’. Try escort first since adult entertainment can also include gentlemens clubs. Just start calling the services listed to find out what kind of girls they have available and what the going rates are.


Many escort services have web pages now with profiles of the available ladies. The down side to this is it’s hard to verify if they are truly local. You can cross reference the name in the phone book though to ensure they are local. The advantage to using the web for this is you can see the girls photos before they are dispatched.

Another great place to check online would be escort review sites. With these sites people can post about the experiences they’ve had with local escorts in the past. Not only will this allow you to find local women, it can also help you determine which services you should stay away from.

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